Book Keeping

Have you been considering using bookkeeping services with us?
At ETS we understand that with today’s time restraints maintaining your records and accounts presents a huge challenge for small businesses. It’s a smart move and one that brings considerable benefits in both efficiency and cost. Moreover as part of an overall package of accounting services, it will help streamline your financial operations.

However, bookkeeping is more than just simple data entry, a qualified bookkeeper also requires a sound knowledge of Accounting Practices and Procedures.Taking advantage of expert bookkeeping services in ETS we offer some significant advantages over using your own workers to do the books.
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All of our bookkeeping works are supervised by our qualified CPA tax accountants. Using our bookkeeping services means you don’t need to employ/hire a full time/part time bookkeeper. A permanent staff requires salaries and related benefits and you also have to provide office space and equipment.

Let us save you time and money by ensuring your data are entered accurately and all the accounts are up to date.

Our Bookkeeping Services include:

  • Processing payroll and preparing electronic PAYG summary.
  • Processing superannuation and payroll tax
  • Processing accounts payable and receivables and maintaining general ledger.
  • Bank account and loan account reconciliation
  • All other required data entry

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