Trust Accomyfreeslotsunt Audit

At ETS we offer the statutory accounts auditing services for solicitor and real estate agencies. If you are a solicitor or real estate agent, and you hold money on behalf of your clients, you may be required to operate a trust account. We are aware of all the compliance obligations associated with the operation of a statutory trust account, and can advise in this area. We are also quareduslim farmaciiified to undertake the annual audit required under the specific applicable regulations.

SMSF – Self Managed Super Fund Audit – ASIC Registered SMSF Auditor

A self-managed super fund can provide a great deal of flexibility with your retirement investments as well as decreasing your tax liabilities far more than large organisation managed super fund can.

The Australian government requires self-managed super funds to be audited by a qualified accountant who is independent from the accountant providing the person or organisation who owns or manages the self- managed super fund to ensure the fund is being properly managed in accordance with Australian laws.

Our principal is a registered with ASIC as a Self-Managed Super Fund Auditor.


At ETS our SMSF Administration services and differences include:

  • Preparation of Annual Financial Statements
  • Preparation of Income Tax Returns
  • Annual Self -Managed Super Fund Audit
  • Identify SMSF compliance issues as they happen
  • SMSF trust deed upgrades when law changes
  • Access to basic technical advice throughout the year
  • Act on your behalf to implement investment transactions